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Letter from the editor

Dear Reader,

AAD 2020 Virtual Meeting is a revolutionary experience. The dermatological community regrets that the AAD Meeting in Denver could not take place. Yet, it is a remarkable achievement of the AAD to provide in the first half of 2020 innovations in dermatology in this virtual environment.
In this AAD 2020 Medicom Conference Report, innovations are reported in several areas of dermatology and in several dimensions of medical progress. Important areas with revolutionary innovations are inflammatory dermatoses and oncology. Important dimensions of medical progress are: development of new pathogenesis-based treatments with an improved efficacy/safety ratio, insights from real-world evidence, personalised care, reconciling individualised clinical data, and potential biomarkers.

In psoriasis, the promise to realise clear skin has advanced further. Bimekizumab, targeting IL-17 A and F proved to realise a 90% improvement of the PASI in 85% of the patients aft...

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