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Biologics in psoriasis and new selective IL-23 blockers

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Dr Jashin Joaquin Wu, Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center
AAD 2018

Spoiled for choice regarding biologics in psoriasis

Biologics have revolutionised the management of moderate-to-severe psoriasis and allow clear or almost-clear skin in many patients. All biologics yield superior PASI 75 responses (ranging from 40% to >90%) when compared with methotrexate, cyclosporine, and acitretin, with better overall tolerability.

“From the IL-17 inhibitors, we have data over a treatment period of more than five years: they show that the efficacy stays the same over this period of time,” said Dr Jashin Joaquin Wu of Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, in his update on biologics in psoriasis [10].

He referred to the SCULPTURE five-year data that were published recently [11]. A poster presented during the meeting established the high efficacy of secukinumab in difficult-to-treat regions: palmoplantar psoriasis, nail psoriasis and scalp psoriasis [12]. This showed the results from three prospective Phase 3 studi...

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