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New topical and systematic treatments

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Prof. Eric Simpson, Oregon Health & Science University
AAD 2018

“It is mind-blowing how much is going on with respect to new treatments for AD,” said Prof. Eric Simpson of Oregon Health & Science University [10]. An emerging topical treatment is the PDE4 inhibitor crisaborole, a cream that contains borone. A trial published last year found that nine to 14 patients need to be treated to get one more patient clear or almost clear compared to placebo [11].

“The problem with this medication, which has the potency of low-to-mid-potency topical corticosteroids is the price: a 60g tube costs 600 US dollars,” said Prof. Simpson. Other topical PDE4 inhibitors are also in development. “JAK inhibitors are definitely entering dermatology, locally and systemically,” said Prof. Simpson. JAKs are key mediators in the signalling pathway of numerous cytokines implicated in the pathogenesis of AD, which include IL-4, -13, and IL-31 [Figure 8]. [12,13].

Figure 8: JAK inhibitors influence numerous cells in Atopic Dermatitis. [12,13]

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