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Melanoma incidence continues to rise in Europe

AAD 2018

A retrospective study compared the incidence and mortality rates of melanoma across 45 countries in 2012 and the change in incidence between 2000 and 2012 in each country [1]. Data sources were the World Health Organization´s recently released 2012 GLOBOCAN cancer databases and 45 countries with the highest quality incidence and mortality data.

The highest melanoma incidence (per 100,000 individuals) was found in New Zealand (35.8), followed by Australia (34.9), Switzerland (20.3), the Netherlands (19.4), and Denmark (19.2).

Females had a higher incidence than males in 23 of 45 countries. A female predominance was particularly common in Europe (in 21 of 27 countries). A slightly different result was found with regard to melanoma mortality (per 100,000 individuals). Again, the leading countries were New Zealand (4.7) and Australia (4.0), but followed by Norway (3.6), Slovenia (3.1), and Sweden (2.8). Mortality was higher in males than in females in the majority of co...

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