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Pain and sensory mechanisms

Prof. Cristina Tassorelli, University of Pavia, Italy

Prof. Cristina Tassorelli (University of Pavia, Italy) talked about primary headaches: cluster, tension-type headache, benign cough headache, and migraine.

Migraine is a complex disorder characterised by recurring attacks whose initiation depends on endogenous and exogenous factors. It is a disturbance of sensory processing involving the meninges, cortex, thalamus, hypothalamus, brainstem nuclei, and cranial pain pathways. There are endogenous factors involved such as hyperexcitability of the cortex. In addition, there is participation of exogenous factors: peripheral stress, dietary products, and environmental changes may also initiate migraine through activation of sensory afferents. There is also activation of the trigeminovascular afferent fibres of the trigeminal ganglion, release of neurotransmitters from peripheral nerve terminals of trigeminovascular afferents, and vasodilation of the meningeal vessels. Plasma extravasation and mast cell degranulation lead to secre...

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