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Anterocollis posture and deep cervical muscle injections

Dr Laxman Bahroo, Georgetown University Medical Center, USA

Dr Laxman Bahroo (Georgetown University Medical Center, USA) talked about anterocaput, a head flexion of the skull base on the cervical spine, as well as anterocollis, a forward flexion of the neck and head that involves the cervical vertebrae and the skull, which remains undertreated. Anterocollis represents approximately 6.8% of the abnormal posture seen in cervical dystonia and presents several challenges to the neurotoxin injector.

Anterocollis is more common in females (67%) than in males. Aetiologies include neuroleptic exposure and parkinsonism syndromes. Dr Bahroo stressed the importance to differentiate this distinct abnormal posture from other similar looking postures such as anterocaput. In anterocollis posture, various muscles are involved, i.e. the scalenes, the longus capitus, and the longus colli muscle. Accurate distinction is important as the various postures involve different combinations of muscles.

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