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Daxibotulinum toxin in isolated cervical dystonia

Dr Atul Patel, Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic, USA

Currently available treatments for cervical dystonia call for injection of botulinum toxin about 3 to 4 times a year. Is there a chance to achieve longer-lasting effects and to prolong injection intervals? A phase 2 trial with an investigational product, daxibotulinum toxin A for injection (RT002), revealed a clinically significant mean reduction of 38% from baseline in the TWSTRS total score and of 34% in the TWSTRS severity score at week 4 across all patients.

Dr Atul Patel (Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic, USA) presented the results of the open-label, dose-escalating phase 2 study with a low (100-240 units) and a high-dose (300-450 units) daxibotulinum toxin A group in 37 patients with moderate-to-severe isolated cervical dystonia. Safety and preliminary efficacy of daxibotulinum toxin A as well as efficacy duration were assessed. The results demonstrated improvement in signs and symptoms. Clinically meaningful reductions in TWSTRS-severity, -disability, and -pain s...

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