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The right drug for the right patient

Dr Charlie Lees, Western General Hospital, United Kingdom
ECCO 2019

The ever-increasing armamentarium for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) poses an 'embarrassment of riches', as Dr Charlie Lees (Western General Hospital, United Kingdom) put it. He discussed stratification by disease biology to choose the right drug for the right patient.

It has been neglected for too long that IBD is progressive, according to Dr Lees; the typical pattern being: Patients are diagnosed with active disease, remission is induced but without properly controlling inflammation, the disease will flare and evolve over time. “Once we realise we must not only treat symptoms but also underlying inflammation, we can finally change the natural history of the disease course and offer our patients a much better outlook,” he said. “This means treating early, reducing flare rate, and getting close to a cure for some of our patients. Therefore, early control is everything.” Proof for this concept has emerged from numerous studies of drugs em...

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