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Combinations are hot in AD treatment

Dr Magdalena Trzeciak, Medical University of Gdansk, Poland
WCD 2019

In her lecture, Dr Magdalena Trzeciak (Medical University of Gdansk, Poland) advocated combination therapy in AD [1]. Not only can topicals be combined, even novel targeted therapies work better with additional topical treatments.

There are many good reasons for using combinations: they provide additive or synergistic efficacy compared to monotherapy, and as the required dose of individual agents can be reduced, combinations are often more tolerable compared with monotherapy.

Emollients are the cornerstone of AD treatment: they prolong time to flare, reduce the number of flares and the amount of topical corticosteroids (TCS) needed to achieve similar reductions in eczema severity [2]. Their use is also recommended in current guidelines for all AD patients [3]. Emollients restore the impaired barrier function of the epidermis, prevent microbes and irritants from entering the skin, reduce pruritus, and prevent water loss. Even petrolatum has shown not...

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