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MRI and 14G biopsies are not accurate enough in pCR detection

SABCS 2019

Improvements in neoadjuvant systemic therapy for breast cancer patients have led to increasing rates of pathologic complete response (pCR). In patients with an excellent response, however, imaging alone is not reliable enough to differentiate between patients with residual disease, who should be surgically treated, or patients with pCR, in whom surgery could be considered overtreatment.

The accuracy of minimally invasive biopsies to assess presence of pCR of the breast is currently investigated by a number of trials. Interim results of the MICRA trial (Minimal Invasive Complete Response Assessment; NTR6120), were presented at SABCS 2019 [1]. This study combines MRI and minimally invasive biopsies of the breast. The primary endpoint of the study was the false-negative rate of the biopsy procedure (which is the proportion of patients with non-pCR in the surgical specimen but with pCR in the biopsies). The main difference between the MICRA trial and other trials is t...

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