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Interview with Prof. Tobias Welte

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Prof. Tobias Welte, Medical University Hannover, Germany
ERS 2019

Interview with Prof. Tobias Welte conducted October 2019 by Dr Susanne Kammere

Prof. Tobias Welte is president of the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and head of the Clinic for Pneumology, Medical University Hannover, Germany.

Prof. Welte, why did you choose prevention as this year’s main theme for the ERS congress?

Simply said, in my opinion, the best disease is the one you will never get. As Hippocrates declared 3000 years ago, “prevention is always better than cure”. We are increasingly aware of the fact that many chronic respiratory diseases start in childhood and that early life events are predictors for later life. Hence, with this new perspective we have to invest in prevention to avoid damage. This is not only necessary du...

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