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Treatment patterns PAH have changed recently

ACC 2019

Although still a fairly rare disease, developments in treating pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) have not been slow and resulted in a remarkable shift in prescribing patterns.

It has been shown that initial combination therapies in PAH can improve clinical outcomes in patients [1]. Although treatment guidelines may recommend certain prescribing patterns for patients, data from Ipsos’ Global PAH Therapy Monitor (TM; a retrospective medical chart review with physicians reporting on the last five PAH patients seen within the last 3 months) suggest there has been a gradual shift in recent years. In fact, more newly diagnosed patients (defined as patients who have been diagnosed within the last 12 months) are receiving a combination therapy whilst there is a decline in the prescribing of monotherapies for these patients [2].
The objective of the study by Allie et al. was to explore treatment patterns of newly diagnosed PAH patients in the SUSA vs 3 EU...

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