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IL-17A and IL-17F blockade remarkably effective in psoriasis

The two phase 3 trials BE VIVID and BE READY showed that the IL-17A and IL-17F blocker bimekizumab is remarkably effective in moderate-to-severe psoriasis [1,2]. In the BE READY trial, bimekizumab showed a durable effect with only 1 injection every 8 weeks [2].

The IL-17 family of cytokines is important in the regulation of both innate and adaptive host defences and inflammation. Not only IL-17A but also IL-17F is expressed in psoriasis lesional skin and amplifies tissue damage and inflammation. Bimekizumab neutralises the biologic function of both IL-17F and IL-17A, which might have more benefits than the sole blockade of IL-17A. “We have interesting data to suggest that IL-17F contributes to the psoriasis disease process, so hopefully with this drug we will see a higher response,” said Prof. Reich (University Medical Center Hamburg-...

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