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Omalizumab for cancer-induced dermatoses

Cancer treatment can lead to various dermatologic pathologies in need of therapy. In these often difficult-to-treat disorders, omalizumab could be a safe and efficacious addition to the current armamentarium [1].

In case of difficult-to-treat dermatologic adverse events (AEs) in the course of targeted therapy and immunotherapy for cancer, dermatologists are in demand for consultations. Dermatologic AEs often affect the quality of life of the cancer patients as first-line symptomatic treatment may fail to alleviate the burden of conditions such as urticaria or eczema. A retrospective study was conducted with single-centre data from electronic medical records from 48 cancer patients to assess omalizumab as a possible treatment for these side effects.

Of the 48 participants included, 75% suffered from moderate dermatologic AEs and 25% had severe dermatologic pathologies. In 54% of the cases, these events were caused by cancer treatment with anti-progra...

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