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Psoriasis therapy for children and pregnancies

More and more biologics and small molecules enter the therapeutic arena in psoriasis, making the choice of the right drug increasingly complex. In this talk, Prof. Mark Lebwohl (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA) addressed therapy for paediatric patients and for women with severe psoriasis who wish to become pregnant [1].

For women who wish to become pregnant, it is important to find an agent that does not cross the placenta. One such agent is the TNFα blocker certolizumab pegol [2]. The CRIB trial showed that there is only minimal to no placental transfer from mother to infant; only 1 infant from 14 exposed mothers had a minimal certolizumab pegol level of 0.042 µg/ml [3].

TNFα blockers seem to be relatively safe during pregnancy. A cohort study analysing the outcomes after anti-rheumatic drug use before and during pregnancy among 150,000 pregnant women and expecting fathers f...

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