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Biologics in HS – a growing armamentarium

There are more and more agents to consider for hidradenitis suppurativa (HS). Thus, choices can now be made based on the individual needs of the patient [1]. A few questions need to be answered when treating HS patients with biologics: who should receive them, what drug to choose, and how to switch drugs in case of treatment failure?

“How does your HS impact you?” This is an essential question that Prof. Joslyn Kirby (Penn State University, USA) asks her patients before deciding about treatment, since objective severity should not be the only determining variable. Factors that can influence objective severity include flare frequency and scarring. Scarring is usually observed in Hurley stages II or III with tunnels but can also be seen in patients without tunnels; in these cases, biologics may be an additional option. Indeed, the patient has to be willing to take a biologic and might need some education about the disease, as many of them still believe in th...

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