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Baricitinib beneficial in head and neck AD

New data from a pooled analysis of phase 3 trials demonstrated substantial efficacy of JAK-inhibition with baricitinib for head and neck lesions in atopic dermatitis (AD) [1].

The oral JAK1/JAK2 inhibitor baricitinib has already proven its efficacy versus placebo in treating moderate-to-severe AD in the identical, double-blind, randomised, controlled, phase 3 BREEZE-AD1 and BREEZE-AD2 trials. Patients with AD often experience affection of head and neck as particularly inconvenient, resulting in a negative impact on their quality of life. Yet, AD in these locations is difficult to treat.

Thus, pooled data from over 1,200 patients in BREEZE-AD1 and BREEZE-AD2 was used to assess efficacy of baricitinib on head and neck AD. The trial included adult patients with a history of moderate-to-severe AD for ≥12 months. They all had inadeq...

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