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Letter from the Editor

Dr Joost PH Drenth, Radboudumc Nijmegen, the Netherlands
UEGW 2019

Dear Reader,

The UEG Week 2019 -advancing science - linking people- is arguably the yearly focus point of European gastroenterology bringing together practitioners, top scientists and everyone interested in digestive health. As such, it serves as a true educational hub showcasing key developments in the field and contributing to the postgraduate teaching of gastroenterologists.

This year >13,000 participants from >122 countries contributed to the success of UEG Week 2019. More than 4,000 scientific abstracts were sent to the UEG and the best made the cut and were presented at the UEG Week in Barcelona, Spain. We are looking back at 5 intensive days of scientific interaction, networking and learning. The meeting is unique in that part of the program is offered through online live stre...

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