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Ileal microbiota predict recurrence in CD patients after resection

UEGW 2019
Cohort study, REMIND

A new study, led by researchers from Saint Antoine Hospital, in France, reveals that ileal mucosa-associated microbiota may help predict recurrence in patients with CD after ileocecal resection [1].

Recurrence of inflammatory lesions is frequent in patients undergoing ileal resection for Crohn’s disease (CD), although there is not a single clinical risk factor that can be used as a perfect predictor of early postoperative endoscopic recurrence. The researchers of this study sought a microbiotic biomarker to predict recurrence. To this end they catalogued the ileal mucosa-associated microbiota by using ribosomal 16S sequencing at the time of surgery and/or at the time of postoperative endoscopic evaluation (about 6 to 12 months after surgery) in 201 patients from 9 centres in the prospective REMIND cohort. Not surprisingly, antibiotics treatment within one month before surgery had a dramatic impa...

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