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Novel genetic association with resistance to ERC tau deposition

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic (USA) have identified a novel genetic association with resistance to entorhinal cortex (ERC) tau deposition in older adults [1]. Their study results, intended for the cancelled AAN 2020 conference, also suggest that tau deposition may have a genetic architecture distinct from known Alzheimer's disease (AD) risk genes.

The heritable influences pertaining to the susceptibility and resistance to tau deposition are not fully understood yet. The objective was to identify genetic factors associated with tau deposition in older adults. The recent availability of tau-PET allows for testing possible associations between common genetic variants and tau burden of the ERC, which is a sensitive marker of early tau deposition.

Included were 754 individuals >50 years from the Mayo Clinic Study of Aging (established in 2004) with genome-wide genotype and regional tau-PET (AV-1451) data. The mean age was 72.4 years, 54.6% were male, ...

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