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EAN guideline on palliative care

Dr Alessandra Solari, Carlo Besta Neurological Institute, Italy

Optimising the care of people with severe MS is hindered by fragmented and varied care across Europe. The availability and involvement of palliative care services also vary between and within European countries. A guideline was devised by a task force appointed by the European Academy of Neurology in partnership with the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) and the European network for best practice and research in MS Rehabilitation (RIMS) [1].

From a literature search, expert survey, and direct engagement of MS patients and caregivers from seven European countries, 10 clinical questions were formulated about the following topics:

1. Symptomatic treatments;
2. Multidisciplinary rehabilitation;
3. Advanced care planning;
4. General palliative care;
5. Specialist palliative care;
6. Caregiver training and education;
7. Caregiver practical and emotional support;
8. MS healthcare professionals’ traini...

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