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Next generation immunotherapy in non-small-cell lung cancer

Immunotherapy is a game-changer in cancer research and treatment. For the first time in decades, its use has led to new standards of care in at least three refractory lung cancers: stage 3 unresectable non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC; PACIFIC), extensive-stage small-cell lung cancer (IMpower133), and squamous NSCLC (KEYNOTE-407). Research is rapidly expanding our knowledge of the immune system and how it interacts with cancer cells. While much work remains to be done, progress is accelerating. Future advances will feature new biomarkers and agents as well as new strategic directions, such as "immune normalisation” [1].

Prof. Solange Peters (Lausanne University Hospital and Ludwig Institute, Switzerland) described immunotherapy as a revolution in cancer care. “Over 2000 immunotherapy agents are in development,” she said at the Future of IO, a mini-symposium on immuno-oncology. She showed how phenotypes in the immune cycle are affected by inflamed tumours, lack of T-cells,...

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