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Combination therapies: Where are we in 2018?

Prof. Martin Reck (German Center for Lung Research, Germany) cited recent data from landmark trials to promote immunotherapy combined with other treatment options. “We have suggestions of multiple interactions and potential synergies,” said Prof. Reck at a mini-symposium on the Future of IO. These include immunotherapy plus chemotherapy, targeted therapies, and anti-VEGF therapy. In addition, a broad range of immuno-oncology agents can be combined to boost efficacy.

In squamous cell NSCLC, the practice-changing KEYNOTE-407 trial showed significantly increased overall survival (OS) with immunotherapy plus chemotherapy. The median OS was 15.9 months in the pembrolizumab group vs 11.3 months in the chemotherapy-alone group (HR 0.64; P=0.0008) [4].

According to Prof. Reck, efficacy was independent from PD-L1 status and there were no increases in immune-related adverse events (AEs) despite differences in the trial populations. OS outcomes were similar in phase 3 randomis...

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