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Small-cell lung cancer circulating tumour cell derived explants

In the last decade, there has been minimal progress toward an improved prognosis for patients with SCLC. Circulating tumour cells (CTCs) are an accessible liquid biopsy. They can be used to generate CTC derived explants (CDXs), clinically relevant models that might mirror patient response to therapeutics. Vickers et al. conducted a single-centre retrospective analysis of patients with SCLC who had at least one blood sample taken for the discovery and validation of novel biomarkers [1].

Paired blood samples were used for CTC enumeration with CellSearch Technology and for the generation of CDX models. Demographic and clinical data were analysed for differences between patients whose blood samples generated a CDX and those whose samples did not. A total of 231 paired blood samples were taken from 147 patients; 45 CDXs were generated from 34 patients. CTC number was higher in samples with a CDX than in those without a CDX (P=0.001). Successful progression samples had a lower C...

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