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Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader

I would like to welcome you to this summary of selected abstracts from EULAR 2020 that captures some key findings that have immediate clinical relevance or that will pique the community interest for further research towards improved patient care. This was the first ever virtual EULAR Congress reflecting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Global Rheumatology community. The Congress was due to take place in Frankfurt, which is a mere 45km from Mainz where sports terminology such as “heavy metal football” and “geggenpress”(counter press or on the front foot) have emanated and entered popular parlance.

I thought that these terms also applied well to the EULAR 2020 Congress in the context of the current pandemic. Rheumatology certainly had shining past with the Nobel Prize winning discovery of corticosteroids by the Rheumatologist Philip Hench and colleagues but had entered relative obscurity. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown Rheumatology now really is...

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