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St. Gallen Consensus – Gene expression signatures

BCC 2019

The use of gene expression signatures is becoming increasingly important in risk stratification and treatment decision-making for patients with early breast cancer. At the St. Gallen Conference 2017 a majority of the panellists took the view that results of gene expression signature tests like Oncotype DX and MammaPrint are prognostic for recurrence of disease within 5 years after surgery. In recent years, the results of MINDACT [1], TAILOR-X [2] and the PLAN-B trial [3] have been published. Based on the results of these trials, almost all panellists (94%) were in favour now of using these gene expression signatures as a decision aid for adjuvant systemic therapy in patients with ER+/Her2-, T1/T2, N0 breast cancer. In case of ER+/Her2-, T3, N0 breast cancer, 75% of the panellists found gene expression signatures to be valuable for determining whether to recommend adjuvant systemic chemotherapy. Also in case of patients with ER+/Her2- (any T) and 1 to 3 positive lymph nodes, a maj...

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