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I-O Monotherapy

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Prof. Martin Reck, Airway Research Center North, Grosshansdorf, Germany
ELCC 2019
CheckMate 026, Keynote-024, Checkmate 227, MYSTIC, B-F1RST

Immuno-oncological (I-O) agents as monotherapy have shown superior efficacy compared to chemotherapy in both first- and second-line setting, with a consistent benefit in overall survival (OS) and a more favourable tolerability profile in high PD-L1 patients.

There are three main reasons why we should discuss immuno-oncological (I-O) agents as monotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Firstly, I-O monotherapy has become a standard therapy in the second-line setting. “Some trials comparing an immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) as monotherapy with chemotherapy, showed a consistent benefit in OS favouring I-O monotherapy [1,2]”, Prof. Martin Reck (Airway Research Center North, Grosshansdorf, Germany) said at the beginning of his lecture. Furthermore, there is a clear correlation between a biomarker, i.e. PD-L1 expression, and the efficacy of I-O monotherapy. “This correlation is found across all agents we have investigated. In case of pembrolizumab (an...

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