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Less Focus on Quality of Life in Recent Phase 3 Trials

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A high proportion of phase 3 trials which evaluate lung cancer patients in various settings do not assess quality of life (QoL). This is not only the case in studies initiated by the pharmaceutical industry or investigator-initiated trials, but also in non-profit trials and the metastatic setting, despite symptom burden and limited life expectancy. Also, timely inclusion of QoL results in primary publications has been significantly worsening in recent years, which is particularly frequent in papers published in high impact factor journals.

Reale et al. described the prevalence and heterogeneity of QoL reporting in lung cancer phase 3 trials. This was done using a selection of all primary publications of lung cancer phase 3 trials evaluating anticancer drugs published between 2012-2018 by 11 major journals. This resulted in 122 publications which could be assessed.

It was found that QoL was not listed among endpoints in 32.0% of publications. The pro...

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