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MABA, and Novel LAMA

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Dr Ioannis Psallidas, Dr James Donohue
ERS 2018

MABA: dual mechanism of action

“The newly developed compound AZD8871 works both as a LABA, and as a LAMA”, declared Dr Ioannis Psallidas (Medical Science Director, AstraZeneca, and University of Oxford, UK) [20]. It is a long-acting, bi-functional bronchodilator agent, combining muscarinic antagonist and β2-adrenoceptor agonist activities in a single molecule (MABA, Figure 4) [21].

Figure 4: MABA: molecular structure concept with 3 elements [20]

Until now, four phase 1 studies have been performed to study this new MABA. Single and multiple doses of AZD8871 administered in healthy volunteers and patients with asthma or COPD showed that AZD8871 is safe and efficacious in terms of lung function. Especially in COPD patients, a single dose of AZD8871 (400 µg or 1800 μg) demonstrated a sustained bro...

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