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Treatments Targeting Type2-inflammation

ERS 2018

Asthma management has gradually evolved from a ‘’one-size-fits-all’’ concept into a more personalised approach [1]. While the majority of patients with mild-to-moderate and uncomplicated asthma reach optimal control with ICS-containing therapy, a significant minority with more severe disease fails to reach (optimal) control with ICS as a result of the underlying immuno-patho(physio)logy requiring a personalised approach with targeted therapy guided by biomarkers [3, 7, 8].

Interestingly, guidelines for severe asthma management do not yet insist on standard evaluation of the airway inflammatory components to guide treatment, although the nature of the airway inflammation clearly drives the choice of targeted therapy [1].

For type2 asthma, several add-on treatments targeting different inflammatory pathways are currently available, while several new drugs are in different stages of clinical development (Figure 2) [8]. For patients with a strong allergic component (hist...

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