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Restrictive antibiotic use and novel tetracycline

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Dr Leon Kircik, Indiana University School of Medicine, USA
AAD 2018
Restrictive antibiotic use to fight resistance Dr Neal Bhatia critically discussed the use of oral antibiotics for acne vulgaris [10]. The majority of published guidelines and consensus statements support antibiotic use for inflammatory acne to limit proliferation of P. acnes on the skin. Tetracyclines are recommended as “first-line” agents. However, the use and duration of antibiotics should be limited due to antibiotic resistance concerns [11]. As Dr Bhatia pointed out, dermatologists use more oral antibiotics per prescriber than any other medical specialty, with the main indication being acne vulgaris. Dr Bhatia proposed a more critical use of antibiotics. Systemic antibiotics are only recommended in the management of moderate and severe acne and forms of inflammatory acne that are resistant to topical treatments [11]. Monotherapy should be avoided, and use should be always combined with topical therapy (e.g. retinoids or BPO). A current p...

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