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Intralesional cryosurgery and itching in psoriasis

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Prof. Yaron Har-Shai, University of Technion, Israel; Dr Philippa Dickison, University of Sydney, Australia
AAD 2018
Intralesional cryosurgery effective for keloids Extreme cold is a novel treatment approach for hypertrophic scars or keloids [7]. Prof. Yaron Har-Shai of the University of Technion treated 380 Caucasian patients with keloids by inserting a cryo-needle into the core of the scar, applying liquid nitrogen, and thus freezing the HSK from the inside. His patients were aged 3 to 67 years and 204 were female. In total, these patients suffered from 448 keloids in different locations of their bodies for over six months, originating, for example, from trauma, surgery, burns, piercings and acne. After the procedure, the change of scaring was followed over 18 months for objective transformation in volume, hardness, redness and pigmentation. Furthermore, clinical symptoms such as pain or tenderness, itch or other discomfort were monitored. Biopsies were evaluated for changes in collagen structure and the post-interventional blister fluids analysed for their prot...

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