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Bladder cancer risk and early detection

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Dr Thibault De La Motte Rouge, Dr Wei Shen Tan, Dr Bas van Rhijn, Dr Francesco Soria
EAU 2019
Results of the EDIFICE 6 survey show that tobacco is not recognised as bladder cancer risk factor in the general population. A haematuria cancer risk score was developed and externally validated to identify patients at risk of harbouring bladder cancer. Greatest prognostic value for grade determination is obtained by using both WHO1973 and 2004/16 classification systems. Knowledge of bladder cancer was tested in the French population through the EDIFICE 6 study which surveyed >12,000 individuals online with no history of cancer. The cohort was demographically validated as a representative cross section of the French population (Dr Thibault De La Motte Rouge, Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, France) [1]. Among the top 5 risk factors for bladder cancer queried, tobacco was ranked last by the French population. The results highlight a number of misconceptions and a lack of understanding of bladder cancer, the severity of the disease, and most importantly, tobac...

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