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How to treat osteoporosis

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Prof. Serge Ferrari, Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland
EULAR 2019
Prof. Serge Ferrari (Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland) presented the latest findings and insights into treatment of osteoporosis, monitoring treatment effects, the benefits of preventing fractures, and emerging concepts based on recent publications and evaluation of clinical trials [1]. Osteoporosis therapy is focused on quickly preventing fragility fractures in individuals at risk. Other goals are restoring bone mineral density and, on the longer term, bone strength. Both antiresorptive agents (e.g. zoledronate, denosumab) and anabolics (e.g. teriparatide, romosozumab) have been shown to reduce the risk of vertebral fractures within one year, whereas the benefits on non-vertebral fractures may take about 2 years to appear. “Fracture risk algorithms that combine clinical risk factors and bone mineral density are now widely used in clinical practice to target high-risk individuals for treatment,” said Dr Ferrari. “However, this simple approach has be...

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