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Cardiotoxicity: consider switching to S-1

Prof. Pia Ă–sterlund, Tampere University Hospital, Finland
ASCO 2020
A retrospective cohort study of patients presenting with cardiotoxicity after treatment with fluoropyrimidines suggests that switching to S-1 (i.e. a combination of tegafur, gimeracil, and oteracil, at a molar ratio of 1:0.4:1) is safe for these patients and supports treatment continuation [1]. Prof. Pia Ă–sterlund (Tampere University Hospital, Finland) presented a multicentre retrospective cohort study, including patients with solid tumours who experienced fluoropyrimidine-related cardiotoxicity and were re-challenged with a different fluoropyrimidine or S-1 and then assessed for cardiotoxicity. Cardiotoxicity during capecitabine (n=124), continuous (n=13), or bolus 5-fluorouracil (n=4) was reported for 141 patients prior to switching to S-1 therapy. Cardiotoxicity was defined as chest pain including vasospasm wi...

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