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2021 Guideline for Chest Pain: Top 10 takeaways

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Prof. Martha Gulati, University of Arizona, USA
AHA 2021
The top 10 takeaways of the new 2021 Guideline for the Evaluation and Diagnosis of Chest Pain were presented by Prof. Martha Gulati (University of Arizona, AZ, USA) [1]. “Since chest pain accounts for 6.5 million visits to the emergency department (ED) in the US each year, guidelines to manage chest pain are essential,” Prof. Gulati stated. “Although only 5% of the chest pain is cardiac in nature, cardiac chest pain could entail life-threatening underlying disease. Therefore, cardiac chest pain is not to be missed during diagnosis.” Top 10 takeaways Chest pain is more than pain in the chest. The shoulder area, jaw, epigastric area, neck, or back are included in the chest pain spectrum. Physicians should perform an initial assessment of chest pain to estimate the likelihood of symptoms being related to myocardial ischaemia (class 1) (see Figure). Figure: Symptom presentation and probability of ischaemia [1] ...

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