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Rivaroxaban regimen beneficial after revascularisation for claudication

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Prof. Marc Bonaca, University of Colorado, USA
AHA 2021
A regimen of rivaroxaban plus low-dose aspirin showed consistent benefits for patients with claudication who underwent lower-extremity revascularisation (LER) and patients with critical limb-threatening ischaemia (CLTI) that were subjected to LER. Thus, rivaroxaban plus aspirin is a valid adjunctive therapy option for patients with claudication after LER [1]. The VOYAGER PAD trial (NCT02504216) showed a significant reduction of major cardiovascular events in patients with CLTI or claudication after LER who were treated with rivaroxaban compared with placebo (HR 0.86; P=0.0086) [2]. The current subanalysis analysed the consistency of these results across the different patient conditions (i.e. claudication or CLTI). Furthermore, the study described haemodynamic and patient-reported outcomes, and the risk profile of major adverse events in patients with claudication a...

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