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Developments in imaging tools for AF

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Prof. Lluis Mont , University of Barcelona, Spain
EHRA 2022
Although echocardiography is still the most widely applied tool to stratify patients in clinical practice, late gadolinium enhancement (LGE)-MRI and electrocardiographic imaging (ECGi) are promising tools that may contribute to a personalised approach in atrial fibrillation (AF) management. “The severity of atrial cardiomyopathy is related to the success of rhythm control therapies,” said Prof. Lluis Mont (University of Barcelona, Spain) [1]. The more precise the extent of atrial cardiomyopathy in patients can be measured, the better the selection of which patients should receive rhythm control therapy and which patients should receive rate control therapy. Prof. Mont discussed the developments in imaging tools that can be applied to discriminate between patients with AF. Echocardiography Everything starts by obtaining a good echo. Measuring the left atrium size with echocardiographic imaging is a simple, reproducible, and ...

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