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2021 ESC Guidelines on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Presented By
Prof. Frank Visseren, Guidelines Task Force Chair
ESC 2021
Estimation of cardiovascular disease risk remains a cornerstone in the new 2021 ESC Guidelines. A novel stepwise treatment intensification approach with age-specific thresholds is recommended to control risk factors. The new 2021 Guidelines on Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Prevention were presented by Prof. Frank Visseren (Guidelines Task Force Chair; University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands) at the ESC Congress 2021 and published simultaneously in the European Heart Journal [1,2]. “We wanted to make more personalised CVD prevention guidelines instead of a one-size-fits-all and focus more on the elderly,” said Prof. Visseren in his overview of the new guidelines. The most important changes in the 2021 CVD Prevention Guidelines include: A stepwise approach to individualised CVD prevention. Applying the SCORE2 and SCORE2-OP for 4 geographic regions. Age-specific risk thr...

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