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Empagliflozin: First drug with clear benefit in HFpEF patients

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Prof. Stefan Anker, Charité University Hospital, Germany
ESC 2021
Phase 3, EMPEROR-Preserved
As the first positive study about a treatment drug in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF), EMPEROR-Preserved is considered a landmark trial. Besides a relevant 21% reduction in the primary composite outcome, key secondary endpoints results were also significant [1,2]. “We are about to have one of the most exciting clinical trials, I think, we’ve seen in a long time presented here in this Hotline-session at the ESC 2021–Digital experience and I have to say that I cannot think of any trial been more anticipated than the EMPEROR-Preserved trial,” Prof. John McMurray (University of Glasgow, Scotland) introduced the EMPEROR-Preserved (NCT03057951) [1]. The trial aimed to assess empagliflozin as add-on to standard of care for HFpEF patients. It included 5,988 patients with HFpEF who had been hospitalised for HF within the last 12 months or were diagnos...

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