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Healthy lifestyle lowers mortality irrespective of medication burden

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Dr Neil Kelly, Weill Cornell University, USA
AHA 2020
A healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet, regular exercise, and not smoking, is inversely associated with all-cause mortality regardless of polypharmacy [1]. These outcomes support the value of healthy lifestyle counselling, even among adults with a high medication burden. Dr Neil Kelly (Weill Cornell University, USA) and colleagues analysed data from 20,417 participants of the REGARDS study. The mean age was 64.8 years, and 56% were women. The researchers evaluated the level of exposure to 4 healthy behaviours, degree of polypharmacy, and all-cause death rates. Adherence to 4 healthy behaviours was scored: a Mediterranean diet, physical activity, smoking abstinence, and sedentary lifestyle avoidance (low TV time). A Mediterranean diet emphasises fruits, legumes and vegetables, whole grains, fish oil, and olive oil, as well as moderation for dairy products and wine. Each behaviour was scored from 0 (low adherence) to 2 (high adherence). A cumulative H...

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