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Increased mortality with colchicine in patients with ACS

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Prof. Jamie Layland , Monash University, Australia
ESC 2020
COPS trial
The Australian COPS trial demonstrated that the addition of colchicine to standard medical therapy did not significantly affect cardiovascular outcomes at 12 months in patients with acute coronary syndromes (ACS). Colchicine may even be associated with a higher rate of mortality in this patient population [1,2]. Inflammation plays a crucial role in atherosclerosis and ultimately may contribute to the ongoing complications of ACS. The recently published CANTOS trial demonstrated that treatment with the interleukin (IL)-1β inhibitor canakinumab resulted in a reduction in cardiovascular events in ACS patients [3]. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, colchicine, a commonly used treatment for gout, has recently emerged as a promising novel treatment option for cardiovascular disease. The proposed mechanisms of action of colchicine involve inhibition of innate immunity and modulation of downs...

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