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Letter from the Editor

Prof. Marc Bonaca, University of Colorado, USA
ESC 2020
Dear Reader, We thank you for your attention and know this is a challenging time for all. It is also a challenging time for the dissemination of cutting-edge science and guidelines as we are forced to transition to novel forms of communication. In this regard, we hope that the following report is a helpful and informative summary of the recent European Society of Cardiology Virtual Congress. You will find a summary of recent guideline updates, summaries of selected Hot Line Presentations, and key updates on COVID and Cardiovascular disease. We hope that this reference helps to keep you informed and we are grateful for your readership. Most of all, we hope that all of you, your families and loved ones are safe and healthy and we thank all of you helping to care for the global community for your contributions. Best, Marc P. Bonaca     Biography Marc P. Bonaca, MD, MPH, ...

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