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Maintaining normal thyroid function important for the heart

Reuters Health - 16/05/2022 -A new study highlights the importance of avoiding both exogenous hyperthyroidism and exogenous hypothyroidism in order to decrease cardiovascular risk and death among patients receiving thyroid-hormone treatment. Data from more than 700,000 adult patients show that both over- and under-active thyroid function were associated with an increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Thyroid-hormone therapy is common in the U.S., but up to half of treated patients may exhibit exogenous hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, researchers note in JAMA Network Open. In prior studies, serum thyrotropin concentrations outside the euthyroid range correlated with increased cardiovascular (CV) risk and all-cause mortality among patients receiving thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism; however, studies focusing specifically on the association between the intensity of treatment and CV mortality are lacking. To investigate, Dr. Maria Papaleo...

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