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PIONEER III trial: Drug-eluting stents comparable

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Prof. Alexandra Lansky, Yale School of Medicine, USA
AHA 2020
Among patients with acute and chronic coronary syndromes undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), the novel Supreme healing-targeted drug-eluting stent (HT-DES) was as safe and effective as the standard durable polymer DES (DP-DES) over 12 months, according to the results from the PIONEER III trial [1]. Prof. Alexandra Lansky (Yale School of Medicine, USA) presented the primary results of the PIONEER III trial (NCT03168776), which aimed to demonstrate non-inferiority of the HT-DES compared with the standard DP-DES. She explained that the HT-DES emphasises early restoration of endothelial function in order to minimise chronic inflammation by 2 mechanisms: firstly, rapid drug delivery and polymer degradation and, secondly, an electro-grafted base layer that promotes endothelial migration and healing and protects the underlying metallic stent. PIONE...

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