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TAVR versus surgery in older patients

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Dr W. Toff, University of Leicester, UK
ACC 2020
In a new, real-world study evaluating patients aged 70 years or older, transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) was not inferior to surgery with respect to death from any cause at 1 year. Dr William Toff (University of Leicester, UK) presented 1-year follow-up data from UK TAVI study, which involved participants treated at 34 UK sites who were ≥70 years (with additional risk factors) or ≥80 years (with or without additional risk factors) [1]. The mean age was 81 years. The unmet need this trial attempted to address was that although previous clinical trials have found TAVR to be non-inferior or superior to open-heart surgery, most trials have been limited to a younger cohort and mostly only evaluated outcomes from high-volume TAVR centres. The UK TAVI trial enrolled 913 patients who had been referred for treatment of severe aortic stenosis between 2014...

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