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The Yale COVID-19 Cardiovascular Registry

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Dr Manan Pareek, Yale University School of Medicine, USA
ESC 2020
Yale COVID-19 Cardiovascular Registry
Preliminary prospective cohort data from the Yale COVID-19 Cardiovascular Registry showed that at least 40% of patients hospitalised with verified COVID-19 had a high cardiovascular (CV) risk at baseline, including a high prevalence of diabetes and hypertension. Patients with CV risk in the Yale registry cohort had high mortality rates and CV complications; about 1 in 5 patients died, 2 in 5 experienced a CV event, and 1 in 5 required mechanical ventilation [1]. Dr Manan Pareek (Yale University School of Medicine, USA) presented the data, which was intended to supplement the sparse body of evidence suggesting that patients with a high CV risk or disease burden tend to be more vulnerable during SARS-CoV-2 infection. The aim of the analysis was to determine the prevalence of CV risk factors, established CV disease, and associated medications. Additionally, they sou...

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