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Bacterial resistance in skin infections – a challenging threat

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Prof. Domenico Bonamonte, Bari University, Italy
EADV 2020
Resistant bacterial strains are on the rise. Therefore, topical antibiotics should be used to treat rather than prevent clinically manifested superinfections. Prof. Domenico Bonamonte (Bari University, Italy) discussed the various indications for topical antibiotics, which are widely used in clinical practice [1]. Besides for impetigo, topical antibiotics are also key components in the management of mild-to-moderate skin infections (see Figure). According to Prof. Bonamonte, an ideal topical antibiotic should penetrate the skin efficiently, reach adequate therapeutic doses, minimise cross-resistance, and have a weak sensitisation potential. Figure: Conditions besides impetigo that may also require topical antibiotics [1] Fusidic acid beca...

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