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Biologic psoriasis treatment and COVID-19 risk: Contradictory results

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Dr Anne-Claire Fougerousse; Dr Giovanni Damiani
EADV 2020
SARS-CoV-2 infections confront physicians with an ongoing number of puzzles. Two studies assessing the risk of developing COVID-19 for psoriasis patients treated with biologics presented contradictory results at the EADV 2020 Virtual Congress [1,2]. Systemic and biologic psoriasis treatments have been associated with an increased risk of infection. Thus, Dr Anne-Claire Fougerousse (Military Teaching Hospital BĂ©gin, France) and her team assessed the frequency of severe COVID-19 in psoriasis patients receiving systemic or biologic treatment during the 4 months following treatment initiation [1]. This national, multicentre, cross-sectional study included 1,418 adult psoriasis patients, who received systemic psoriasis treatment from 27 April to 7 May 2020. Besides data on the psoriasis treatment and the treatment period (initiation or maintenance), data on comorbidities such as hypertension, obesity, and diabetes was collected. Where possible, probable cases o...

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