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DLQI scores underestimated during lockdowns?

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Dr Ali Alsharqi, St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Ireland
PFGC 2021
Classic Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI) scores may not adequately reflect the status of patients during the pandemic. The increased numbers of ‘not-relevant’ responses (NRR) during this period could entail less reliable results. The DLQI was introduced in 1994 and has since been used to determine the magnitude of effect that skin disease has on a patient’s life [1,2]. Items 3–10 of the DLQI questionnaire include an NRR option. These questions comprise the influence of shopping, social/leisure activities, sex, sports, and work/studying. In some countries, reaching a certain DLQI score is a prerequisite for health insurance to render a patient with psoriasis eligible for systemic treatment [1]. “Most European countries, Ireland included, went through a series of lockdowns and we hypothesised that because people were not able to access shops, gyms, and restaurants, more ‘non-relevant’ responses would be ticked on DLQI questionnaires,” Dr Ali Alsh...

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